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The school was envisioned to make girl empowerment the distinguishing feature of all our educational efforts. It is our mission to break the shackles of illiteracy, especially working towards the upliftment of the marginalized faction of Indian society, the second citizens- women. The school provides a conducive and optimum atmosphere to the girls child where the values of love, freedom, sincerity and justice are experienced and practiced. The school strives for excellence in identifying, nurturing and embellishing the potential of each girl child and to make her a dynamic entity who becomes instrumental in developing our nation. The school believes in cherishing the most deprived of His people, and enabling them to take their place with dignity in the society. Our Mission- Educated female, the lifeline of a developed Nation.

From The principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

“Education is a social process….

Education is growth….

Education is not preparation for life;

Education is life itself.”

We at Queen’s Convent, Delhi work towards realizing these words, for we aim at providing a holistic system of education to our students. In times when the society is wrought with the discrimination of a girl child, and where efforts are being made to cleanse it from this ....

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